MailGrab - A Command-Line POP3 Client

Jim Lawless
A number of people were asking if I had a counterpart for MailSend that would allow them to read mail via a command-line. I had thought about such a utility, but the practice of reading email differs from that of sending mail. It’s easy to envision text and or files that are produced by some sort of process that can be then send out via SMTP, but what would the automation of processing inbound email look like?

MailSend - The Early Days

Jim Lawless
I was quite energetic about writing and selling my own software in the mid-90’s. Perhaps not as energetic as people who made lots of money, but I put a fair amount of time into the study of people who made money selling products on their own. In 1997, I happened to be writing a review of the Thompson Automation AWK compiler for an article I had pitched to Dr. Dobbs Journal called Examining the TAWK Compiler.