ScreenKap - Command-Line Screen Capture

Jim Lawless
The next product that I wrote was a simple command-line screen capture utility called ScreenKap. It was written in C. It used the same graphics library that I had purchased for WallShow and WallMake. ScreenKap existed in two forms; a console mode application and a Windows UI application. The UI application didn’t really have a user interface … it just didn’t bring up a dark console window while trying to capture the screen contents.

MailSend - The Early Days

Jim Lawless
I was quite energetic about writing and selling my own software in the mid-90’s. Perhaps not as energetic as people who made lots of money, but I put a fair amount of time into the study of people who made money selling products on their own. In 1997, I happened to be writing a review of the Thompson Automation AWK compiler for an article I had pitched to Dr. Dobbs Journal called Examining the TAWK Compiler.